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Table Lamps.

When I finally switched on my first lamp, I knew the effort to get to that point had been more than worth it. The light brought out the glazes in a whole new way. They glowed; their colors blossomed; their textures, both the shiny and matte ones, were highlighted.

There are a lot of elements that go into a table lamp. Designing, building, and glazing the base is just the beginning. I’ve been collaborating with a wood turner to make the perfect pieces—necks and finials—to put the lighting together. They are poplar, with 4 coats of black dye, oiled and waxed. Cords, shades, plugs: each part plays its function and adds to the unity of the lamp as a piece of functional artwork.

Learning about both the ceramic and electric aspects of the lamps has been very exciting, and perfecting the elements has been a great adventure. I am having fun with the new lamps that are in development in the studio.


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