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Christopher Russell frequently works on commissions and collaborations.

He has collaborated with designers to produce tile installations and custom light fixtures for private homes, and he has been commissioned to create pieces for public spaces including bronze gates for a historic New York City subway station entrance and a ceramic wall for NYU Langone Hospital.

His latest project, The Abacus Screen, is a custom room divider system, available on commission.

The Abacus Screen

The Abacus Screen is a ceramic and steel sculptural element designed to divide interior spaces. The screens are made of a vocabulary of glazed ceramic shapes threaded onto vertical rods. Screens are created in collaboration with clients to complement the design of each space. The flexible form allows for custom height, width and spacing. Color palettes can be developed from a range of glaze colors and textures. 

Other Commissions &  Projects

Bees at Sunset Park: Sculpture Commission for New York City's MTA

A sculpture project in cast bronze, Bees for Sunset Park was commissioned by New York City’s MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design office. Consisting of two sets of ornamental gates and a series of large finials on the fences surrounding the site, the work was commissioned as part of the renovation of the 9th Avenue Station, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. This historic landmark building is notable as an excellent example of an early NYC station, and as an example of the work of Squire Vicars, the main architect and designer of many early stations for the NYC system. Originally opened in 1916, the Arts and Crafts style building features tile work typical of the early NYC system and a beautiful copper mansard roof, which has been restored as part of the new renovation. Read more about Russell's project in this article from The New York Times.