"It starts with the clay."

Christopher Russell has been working with clay for over 30 years. In his latest vessels and wall pieces, dynamic in structure and decoration, he is inventing new forms and surfaces, pushing ceramic’s possibilities. Each unique piece stands alone as an artwork while complementing interior and architectural spaces.

Studio: Sculpture Space NYC





"I always have the goal of creating work with the command and charisma of a piece of art."

Focus: the Impact
of Big Vessels

When I'm making a piece, the scale is an essential consideration. A big piece is a big commitment. But, a large piece is more than just large. It will interact with the architecture of a space in a way that is different from the way a smaller, more intimate piece will. A larger piece becomes part of a room.

donovan stairwell cropped.jpg
milan large vessel copy_edited.jpg
fireplace square copy.jpg

From the Studio: Texture

Texture is the most visceral element in ceramics. It's the thing that makes you want to touch. There's design, color and form, but it's texture that gives a piece its physical life.

Texture is a part of all my work. With the Texture Collection, I have selected a group of vessels in which I pushed it to the forefront. 

crackle hero copy.jpg
rusty Penn.jpg
leaning tower cropped_edited.jpg


I am excited to have my Tall Bright Stack included in

Interior Design Magazine's 13 Creative Accessories to Dress Up Any Room


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