"It starts with the clay."

Christopher Russell makes unique vessels and ceramic paintings which stand alone as artworks and complement interior and architectural spaces. Russell’s mastery of clay allows him to experiment with new forms and expressions, drawing in viewers with dynamic shapes and rich glaze combinations. 

Studio: Sculpture Space NYC





"I always have the goal of creating work with the command and charisma of a piece of art."


From the Studio: Stacks

Studio life can be a game. That's how I came to make the first of my new stacked pieces. I wanted a new game for myself. How could I up the ante?


And so arose the idea of a vessel made not from a single shape, but from a number of shapes, balanced in stacks. I set out to make one and soon realized that the structure was very complicated-- very different from, and much more challenging than, anything I had done. And there I was, deep into figuring it out-- in the middle of another game.

I am very excited about them-- and already imagine the next step.

img_3059 2.jpg


I am thrilled to announce that a curated group of Stacks pieces is now on view by appointment at Julie Saul Projects.


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